Coming Out Experiences of Hispanic Sexual Minority Young Adults in South Florida

Karina Gattamorta, Narciso Quidley-Rodriguez

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Sexual minority youth and young adults (SMYYA) have higher prevalence of mental and behavioral health problems potentially linked to experiences of discrimination, stigma, and rejection. Among Hispanics, the intersection of stressors related to being an ethnic and sexual minority may result in compounding adverse outcomes. Coming out may play an important role in experiencing discrimination, stigma, and rejection. However, limited research examines coming out among Hispanic SMYYA (HSMYYA). This qualitative study seeks to understand the coming-out experiences of HSMYYA living in South Florida. Twenty participants between 18 and 28 years old were interviewed. Qualitative content analysis generated codes, which were grouped into categories to generate themes. This study presents data highlighting reasons for disclosing and not disclosing sexual orientation and the perceived consequences of those decisions. Additionally, we discuss unique cultural elements that impact HSMYYA’s decisions to reveal sexual orientation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)741-765
Number of pages25
JournalJournal of Homosexuality
Issue number6
StatePublished - May 12 2018


  • Coming out
  • Hispanic
  • LGBT
  • family relationships
  • sexual identity
  • sexual minority
  • sexual orientation

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  • Social Psychology
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