Cloning and characterization of an acidic cytolysin cDNA from sea anemone Sagartia rosea

Xiao Yu Jiang, Wen Li Yang, Hui Ping Chen, Hong Bin Tu, Wen Yan Wu, Jian Wen Wei, Juan Wang, Wen Hua Liu, An Long Xu

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A full-length cDNA of cytolysin (Src I) was isolated from the tentacle of Sagartia rosea (a representative species in China) by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. The cDNA with an open reading frame of 648bp encodes a precursor protein of 216 amino acids, which contains a prepropeptide of 38 amino acids including a signal peptide of 19 amino acids and a propart of 19 amino acids. Lys-Pro at C-terminus of propart is a cleavage site for proline-endopeptidase-like protease. The mature cytolysin has a molecular mass of 19.6kDa and a pI value of 4.8. Src I is an acidic cytolysin found in sea anemone and shares 75% amino acid sequence similarity to equinatoxin II (Eqt II). The predicted secondary structure of the mature cytolysin comprises 15% α-helix, 45% β-sheet, and 40% random coil. The characteristic amphiphilic α-helix of cytolysin is located at the N-terminus of the processed Src I.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1563-1569
Number of pages7
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1 2002
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  • Acidic cytolysin
  • Cloning
  • Sagartia rosea
  • Sea anemone
  • Src I

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