Clinical outcomes for primary and radiation‐associated angiosarcoma of the breast with multimodal treatment: Long‐term survival is achievable

Joshua P. Kronenfeld, Jessica S. Crystal, Emily L. Ryon, Sina Yadegarynia, Celeste Chitters, Raphael Yechieli, Gina D’amato, Andrew E. Rosenberg, Susan B. Kesmodel, Jonathan Trent, Neha Goel

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Background: The optimal management of primary angiosarcoma (PAS) and radiation-associated angiosarcoma (RAAS) of the breast remains undefined. Available data show persistently poor survival outcomes following treatment with surgery or chemotherapy alone. The objective of this study was to evaluate long‐term outcomes in patients treated with multimodality therapy. Methods: Patients diagnosed with stage I–III PAS or RAAS of the breast were identified from our local tumor registry (2010–2020). Patient demographics, tumor characteristics, and treatment were collected. Primary outcomes were local recurrence (LR), distant recurrence (DR), and median over-all survival (OS). A secondary outcome was pathologic complete response (pCR) following neoad-juvant chemotherapy (NAC). Mann–Whitney U, chi‐squared, or Fisher exact tests were used to an-alyze data. Kaplan–Meier curves compared OS for PAS and RAAS. Results: Twenty‐two patients met inclusion criteria, including 11 (50%) with RAAS and 11 (50%) with PAS. Compared to PAS patients, RAAS patients were older and had more comorbidities. For RAAS patients, median time from radiation to diagnosis was 6 years (IQR: 5–11). RAAS patients were more likely to have a pCR to NAC (40% vs. 20%, p = 0.72). RAAS patients had a higher LR rate (43% vs. 38%, p = 0.83), and PAS patients were more likely to develop a DR (38% vs. 0%, p = 0.07). Median OS was 81 months in PAS patients and 90 months in RAAS patients (p = 1.00). Discussion: Long‐term survival can be achieved in patients with PAS and RAAS who undergo multimodality treatment. NAC can result in pCR. The long‐term clinical implications of pCR warrant further investigation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number3814
Issue number15
StatePublished - Aug 1 2021


  • Breast angiosarcoma
  • Multimodality therapy
  • Neoadjuvant chemotherapy
  • Pathologic complete response

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