Clinical activity of pazopanib in metastatic extraosseous ewing sarcoma

Steven Attia, Scott H. Okuno, Steven I. Robinson, Nicholas P. Webber, Daniel J. Indelicato, Robin L. Jones, Sanjay P. Bagaria, Courtney Sherman, Kevin R. Kozak, Cherise M. Cortese, Thomas McFarland, Jonathan Trent, Robert G. Maki

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We report a response to pazopanib in a 69- year-old man with heavily pre-treated metastatic extraosseous Ewing sarcoma in addition to molecular profiling of his tumor. To our knowledge, this case is the earliest to demonstrate activity of an oral multi-targeted kinase inhibitor in Ewing sarcoma. This case provides rationale for adding a Ewing sarcoma arm to SARC024, a phase II study of regorafenib, another multi-targeted kinase inhibitor, in patients with liposarcoma, osteosarcoma and Ewing and Ewing-like sarcomas (NCT02048371). This national multi-institutional study is ongoing.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number5992
Pages (from-to)86-88
Number of pages3
JournalRare Tumors
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2015



  • Ewing
  • Pazopanib
  • Sarcoma

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Attia, S., Okuno, S. H., Robinson, S. I., Webber, N. P., Indelicato, D. J., Jones, R. L., Bagaria, S. P., Sherman, C., Kozak, K. R., Cortese, C. M., McFarland, T., Trent, J., & Maki, R. G. (2015). Clinical activity of pazopanib in metastatic extraosseous ewing sarcoma. Rare Tumors, 7(2), 86-88. [5992].