Carcinoma of the uterine cervix FIGO stage I-B

Leon L. Adcock, Thomas M. Julian, Takashi Okagaki, Thomas K. Jones, Konald A. Prem, Leo B. Twiggs, Roger A. Potish, George L. Phillips

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All patients with cervical carcinoma, FIGO Stage I-B, admitted to the Gynecologic Oncology Service of the University of Minnesota Hospitals during the 10-year period ending December 31, 1979, were reviewed. The 5-year survival rate without evidence of disease was 75.3%, the corrected rate being 80.8%. During the last half of the study there was a significant increase in the percentage of patients with adenosquamous carcinoma. The survival rate for younger patients with this diagnosis was significantly lower. Patients frequently had normally interpreted Pap smears in the years just prior to the diagnosis of invasive carcinoma. Early diagnosis of cervical carcinoma is essential. Reliance cannot be placed on a normally interpreted Pap smear, particularly for those patients who have adenosquamous carcinoma or adenocarcinoma.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)199-208
Number of pages10
JournalGynecologic oncology
Issue number2
StatePublished - Oct 1982

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