Carbonate preservation and rates of climatic change: an 800kyr record from the Indian Ocean.

L. C. Peterson, W. L. Prell

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Piston cores from water depths of 2900 to 4400m on the Ninetyeast Ridge at 6oS provide an 800kyr record of bathymetric and temporal variations in carbonate preservation as measured by the CDI. Dissolution of carbonate is out of phase with glacial-interglacial d18O cycles. Variations in preservation are proportional to and in phase with maximum rates of change in the d18O record, suggesting a rapid response of the local carbonate system to climatic forcing. The lack of a well-defined precessional (23 and 19kyr) response in the CDI and loss of coherency with d18O over the same frequencies tends to favor a circulation explanation.-from Authors

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1985


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