Calcium Carbonates

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Calcium carbonate in ocean sediments is dominantly produced by shell-and skeleton-building organisms in both shallow marine and open-ocean environments. The carbonate oozes that accumulate on the sea floor serve as a major reservoir of calcium and carbon dioxide on the Earth’s surface. Their spatial and temporal accumulation patterns in the marine sediment record are a primary source of information about the carbonate chemistry and circulation of past oceans, as well as of the global geochemical cycle of CO2.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2019
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  • Aragonite
  • Basin-To-Basin fractionation
  • Calcite
  • Carbon cycle
  • Carbonate compensation depth
  • Carbonate ooze
  • Carbonate saturation
  • Chalk
  • Coccolithophorids
  • Diagenesis
  • Dissolution
  • Foraminifera
  • Glacial cycles
  • Limestone
  • Lysocline

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