Biological determinants of health disparities in multiple myeloma

Cheryl Jacobs Smith, Stefan Ambs, Ola Landgren

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Multiple myeloma is a rare plasma cell cancer, and incidence rates among patients of African descent are about twice those among patients of European descent. Rates of multiple myeloma vary among different populations, but the reasons for the racial disparities in multiple myeloma are largely unknown. Epidemiology has identified risk factors for multiple myeloma including race, advanced age, gender, family history, and exposure to different genetic toxins including radiation. Race and ancestry play a large role in predicting the risk for multiple myeloma, yet there exists a paucity of literature that explores the molecular contribution of race and ancestry to disease. In this review, we describe the relevant literature that describes the observed racial differences according to distinct tumor immunobiological and ancestral differences in populations.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number85
JournalBlood cancer journal
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 1 2018
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