Belize: A modern example of a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic shelf

Donald F. McNeill, Xavier Janson, Kelly L. Bergman, Gregor P. Eberli

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The Belize shelf is located on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula (Fig. 3.1). It extends along approximately 300 km in a north-south direction and 10-40 km in an east-west direction. The Belize shelf lagoon is a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic rimmed platform developed under a humid tropical climate. The southern shelf lagoon depositional system is attached to a mountainous mainland of the Yucatan peninsula. The main relief features are the Maya Mountains that culminate at a height approximating 1,000 m above sea level.Fig. 3.1

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationCarbonate Depositional Systems
Subtitle of host publicationAssessing Dimensions and Controlling Parameters: The Bahamas, Belize and the Persian/Arabian Gulf
PublisherSpringer Netherlands
Number of pages63
ISBN (Print)9789048193639
StatePublished - Dec 1 2010

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