A. Arimura, Andrew V Schally

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Antisera against LH RH can be generated in various animals. In castrated rats, passive and active immunization with LH RH resulted in reduction of both serum LH and FSH levels simultaneously. In active immunization, as the anti LH RH titer rose, both LH and FSH levels decreased. Administration of anti LH RH serum to rats prevented preovulatory surge of LH and FSH and blocked ovulation the next morning. Specificity of the antiserum as tested for cross reaction with related peptides cannot be applied to the specificity in determining LH RH in plasma or serum. Some plasma components inhibit the tracer antibody binding in a nonspecific manner. Most endogenous immunoreactive LH RH in unextracted plasma is not true LH RH. Elimination of these nonspecific substances by acetone or alcohol extraction or other methods, in combination with the use of a proper antiserum, is essential for valid determination of LH RH levels in the plasma.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 1976
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