Axoplasmic flow in axonal neuropathies. II. Axoplasmic flow in mice with motor neuron disease and muscular dystrophy

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The flow of protein localized within axons of mice has been studied using high resolution autoradiography. Comparison was made with mice with genetically inherited forms of motor neuron disease (the wobbler mutant) and muscular dystrophy. In normal mice, the amount of material flowing at slow rates greatly exceeded that flowing at fast rates. In the wobbler animals, the only abnormality of flow was of a slight increase in the faster rates of flow. This result offers no support for the hypothesis that axonal degeneration is due to impairment of axoplasmic flow. In dystrophic mice there was a decrease of the amounts of material flowing at slower rates, and an increase in the amount moving at faster rates. Protein turnover appeared to be increased in dystrophic mice. The significance of these changes is discussed.

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