Automatic montage of SD-OCT data sets

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This paper proposes an automatic algorithm for the montage of OCT data sets, which produces a composite 3D OCT image over a large field of view out of several separate, partially overlapping OCT data sets. First the OCT fundus images (OFIs) are registered, using blood vessel ridges as the feature of interest and a two step iterative procedure to minimize the distance between all matching point pairs over the set of OFIs. Then the OCT data sets are merged to form a full 3D montage using crosscorrelation. The algorithm was tested using an imaging protocol consisting of 8 OCT images for each eye, overlapping to cover a total retinal region of approximately 50x35 degrees. The results for 3 normal eyes and 3 eyes with retinal degeneration are analyzed, showing registration errors of 1.5±0.3 and 2.0±0.8 pixels respectively.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)26239-26248
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JournalOptics Express
Issue number27
StatePublished - Dec 19 2011

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