Aspects of the production of the gender atlas of India with ARC/INFOTM

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Use of the ARC/INFO Geographic Information System (GIS) software, can contribute greatly to the rapid production of atlases with high accuracy and comprehensive information. The major thrust of GIS has been to integrate inherently geographical and non-geographical databases for decision-making processes. Databases to be included in the atlas can be captured and integrated in a GIS format using ARC/INFO. These databases can also be utilised for the production of paper as well as electronic thematic atlases using the map design facilities available with ARC/INFO. Before production of the final maps, a number of other questions need to be answered, such as for whom the atlas is being produced, what type of parameters are to be mapped, what should be the class interval and class limits, what type of shades and symbols should be used and what should be the map layout? This paper answers these questions on the basis of experience gained in the production of the Gender Atlas of India using ARC/INFO. The final version of this atlas will be published at the end of December, 1996.

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