Are Psychiatric Disorders a Risk for the Development of Neurological Disorders?

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This chapter questions whether psychiatric disorders are a risk for the development of neurological disorders. It provides a review of the common pathogenic mechanisms that facilitate the existence of bidirectional relations between psychiatric and neurologic disorders, and analyzes the impact that a psychiatric disorder, particularly depression, has on the course of a neurologic entity. These data do not presuppose a causative relation between neurologic and psychiatric disorders; rather, these data suggest the presence of common pathogenic mechanisms mediating both types of disorders. The evidence in the chapter supports this hypothesis. There is a brief description of common pathogenic mechanisms between psychiatric and neurologic disorders, impact of mood disorders on the course of the neurologic disorder, and the patient's quality of life.

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Title of host publicationPsychiatric Controversies in Epilepsy
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StatePublished - Dec 1 2008


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