Anti-transferrin receptor monoclonal antibody: A novel immunosuppressant

Jennifer E. Woodward, Allison L. Bayer, Kenneth D. Chavin, Kimberly A. Boleza, Prabhakar Baliga

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Background. Transferrin receptor is a widely distributed cell surface receptor present on most proliferating and highly specialized quiescent cells. Expression of transferrin receptor on the surface of immune cells is up-regulated during T-cell activation after the interaction of the antigen- MHC with the T cell receptor. The role of transferrin receptor in T-cell activation has not been well-established. Since transferrin receptor is physically associated with the CD3 ζ-chain, blockade of transferrin receptor has the potential to interfere with the T-cell signals important in transplant rejection. Methods. Anti-transferrin receptor monoclonal antibody (mAb) was administered in vivo and in vitro to determine whether this agent was effective in prolonging allograft survival and altering cell-mediated immunity. Results. Using donor C57BL/6J (H2b) hearts transplanted to CBA/J (H2(k)) recipients, anti-transferrin receptor mAb at the time of transplantation prolonged cardiac allograft mean survival time to 25.7±0.9 days compared with untreated (13.3±0.6 days, P<0.05) or isotype-matched (10.7±0.4 days, P<0.05) controls. Anti-transferrin receptor mAb administered in vivo failed to suppress the subsequent allogeneic responses. However, when added to culture, anti-transferrin receptor mAb suppressed the allogeneic cytotoxic T lymphocyte response by 79-100% but not the mixed lymphocyte response. Conclusions. These studies are the first to suggest that transferrin receptor is a potential therapeutic target for clinical transplantation. Future studies will determine the most efficacious dose and time for maximal immunosuppression and the mechanisms responsible for the immunosuppression exhibited by anti-transferrin receptor mAb.

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StatePublished - Jan 15 1998
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