Anthropology and the Study of Illicit Drug Use

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Title of host publicationA Companion to Medical Anthropology
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StatePublished - Jul 14 2011


  • Academic hunting-and-gathering - the NIDA, research on drug use
  • Anthropology and study of illicit drug use
  • Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan, Dobkin de Rios' The Healing Vine
  • Ethnographic data collection and analysis - illicit drug use versus cultural contexts
  • Medical anthropology, subdiscipline - neither conceived nor launched with issue of drugs
  • Mixed methods - social/behavioral scientist vying with each other
  • NIDA's receptivity to ethnographic studies - and Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Agency (ADAMHA)
  • Qualitative inquiry, extent of cultural complex under investigation
  • Quantitative side, and qualitative researchers - access to drug using-populations
  • Societal impact of cannabis use - receiving less attention from anthropologists

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