Alternobaric vertigo in a patient on positive airway pressure therapy

Andres S. Endara-Bravo, Daniel Ahoubim, Edward Mezerhane, R. Alexandre Abreu

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Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a safe therapy for the management of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Complications such as sinus infection, bronchitis, ear pain, nasal congestion, and dryness of mucous membranes secondary to CPAP use have been reported. To follow, we describe a rare case of alternobaric vertigo secondary to CPAP therapy. To date, there has been only one reported case of hearing loss and vertigo during CPAP treatment with complete resolution of symptoms after cessation of PAP. However, re-challenging the patient with CPAP at gradual increments was never reported.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1347-1348
Number of pages2
JournalJournal of Clinical Sleep Medicine
Issue number12
StatePublished - 2013


  • Alternobaric vertigo
  • CPAP
  • OSA

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  • Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Clinical Neurology


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