Adolescent psychiatric patients' interactions with their mothers

David Lasko, Tiffany Field, Debra Bendell, Regina Yando, Frank Scafidi, Annette LaGreca, Larry Trapani

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Thirty-eight adolescent psychiatric patients and their mothers engaged in two dyadic interactions. The participants rated themselves and each other on four behavioral dimensions (calmness, friendliness, involvement, and bossiness) during a videotaped playback. An independent observer rated the dyads on the same dimensions. Analyses were conducted based on classification of adolescents as internalizers/externalizers, depressed/nondepressed, and socially anxious/nonanxious. Internalizing adolescent dyads were significantly calmer, friendlier, and more involved than were externalizing adolescent dyads. The dyads in which the adolescents scored lower on the depression scale were calmer, friendlier, and more involved than were the dyads with adolescents who had higher depression scores. No differences were noted between high and low socially anxious dyads. The findings indicated that the videotaping procedure could help familiarize clinical staff with the dynamics of parent-adolescent interactions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)977-988
Number of pages12
Issue number128
StatePublished - Dec 1997

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