Acceptability, feasibility and implementation of a web-based U.S. Health Insurance Navigation Tool (HINT)

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Objective: In the U.S., health insurance is a crucial determinant of the affordability of healthcare services and access to care. Population-based studies indicate Americans do not have an adequate understanding of their insurance plans and face difficulties navigating their health insurance coverage. The purpose of this pilot study is to collect qualitative data using a key informant interview format to learn about the acceptability, feasibility and implementation of a newly devised online health insurance navigation tool (HINT). Results: A total of 57 Florida residents completed the 18-item HINT web-based survey tool and provided feedback on their experience, of which 63.2% were women, 40.7% Black race, and had average sample age of 46.9 years. Participants reported the web tool to be of good length, easy readability, relevant, and overall helpful for insurance selection. All respondents reported that they would use the tool themselves should they find themselves in the process of selecting an insurance plan and 98.2% of respondents reported that they would suggest the web tool to a family or friend. The average time it took to complete the questionnaire was 4 min and 20 s.The HINT tool met study criteria on feasibility, implementation, and acceptability among study participants.

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JournalBMC Research Notes
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StatePublished - Dec 2021


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