A statistical study of pit-associated cracking under fatigue loading.

X. Y. Zhou, W. Ke, Q. S. Zang

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Randomly distributed pits can often be observed on the surfaces subjected to corrosion fatigue in seawater and pit- associated cracks can be precursors to fatal cracks of offshore structure. Many pits and pit-associated cracks were measured by using quantitative metallographic methods and statistical distribution with respect to their geometric parameters were determined, such as size, depth, ellipticities, etc. The ratio of depth to width was found to be of importance among these characteristic parameters in relation to crack initiation. A stochastic and evolution process model was proposed to simulate the process of the interaction and coalescence of closely located cracks. The data obtained from experiment are coincident with the theoretical predictions. (A)

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PublisherOxford, U.K., Pergamon Press
ISBN (Print)0080366260, 9780080366265
StatePublished - 1989
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