A protein-free physiologically active preparation of natural lung surfactant

P. Berggren, G. Grossmann, R. Nilsson

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Crude protein-containing surfactant, obtained from pig lungs, was centrifuged over 0.68 M sucrose at 5000 x g, 20°C. The floating pellicle was heated to 90°C under N2 and recentrifuged over sucrose. The pellicle was extracted with chloroform-methanol, dried and suspended in saline at 100 mg lipids/ml. This procedure results in a virtually protein-free, yet physiologically active lung surfactant. Minimal surface tension of the final preparation, evaluated with pulsating bubble at 37°C and 50% compression was 1.4 ± 1.4 mN/m. Tracheal instillation of 50 μl of this surfactant in premature newborn rabbits (day 27 of gestation) resulted in increased lung-thorax compliance (0.54 ± 0.09 vs. control level 0.33 ± 0.03 ml/cm H2O·kg; P < 0.002) and improved alveolar expansion. The surfactant preparation also offered effective prophylaxis against bronchiolar epithelial lesions during artificial ventilation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)283-284
Number of pages2
JournalIRCS Medical Science
Issue number4
StatePublished - Jan 1 1981

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