A persistent bloom of Anadyomene J.V. Lamouroux (Anadyomenaceae, Chlorophyta) in Biscayne Bay, Florida

Ligia Collado-Vides, Christian Avila, Stephen Blair, Frederik Leliaert, Dení Rodriguez, Travis Thyberg, Sabrina Schneider, Janina Rojas, Pamela Sweeney, Crawford Drury, Diego Lirman

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Green macroalgal blooms are becoming a common problem in coastal waters and estuaries. This study describes the first occurrence of a persistent macroalgal bloom of the genus Anadyomene J.V. Lamouroux (Cladophorales, Anadyomenaceae) in the world and particularly in Biscayne Bay, FL, USA. The morphological-based identification of species was verified by a molecular analysis that sequenced the variable C1D2 region of the large subunit (LSU) nrDNA. Results indicate that the bloom is composed of two species: Anadyomene stellata, reported previously for Florida, and a diminutive perforate undetermined species, Anadyomene sp., potentially representing an introduction in the area. General surveys in Biscayne Bay based on a stratified random design, to visually estimate the percent cover of submerged aquatic vegetation, date from 1999; using the same methods recent intensive surveys of the detected bloom were conducted once a year from 2010 to 2012. Results show that the Anadyomene bloom densities have persisted since 2005 through 2012 covering an area of approximately 60km2 of seagrass habitats. The spatial distribution of the bloom is restricted to the central inshore section of the Bay, an area affected by canals and groundwater discharges. The persistent 75% cover reported for several sites, has caused significant negative impacts to seagrass beds. This bloom occurring adjacent to metropolitan Miami, adds to the world trend of increasing green macroalgal blooms occurring at enriched coastal waters.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)95-103
Number of pages9
JournalAquatic Botany
StatePublished - Nov 2013


  • Anadyomene
  • Biscayne Bay
  • Harmful algal bloom
  • Siphonocladales
  • South Florida
  • Ulvophyceae

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