• Czaja, Sara J (PI)

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The long term objective is to produce a commercially viable training
package for wordprocessing (and other computer applications) designed to
accomodate special needs of older workers. Products based on the resulting
training packages could be marketed to individual computer users, to large
corporations seeking to train or retrain substantial numbers of employees,
and to equipment and software vendors to incorporate as part of their
systems package. The methodology will integrate (i.e., alternate) training package prototype
development with experimental testing and evaluation. The prototype
development process will be based on findings from prior (SBIR, Pase I) as
well as proposed empirical work, existing theoretical models, and the
empirical literature. The testing will be based in a series of four field
experiments. Each study will produce data that will serve as baseline data
for the next. Inadequate job training and skills, especially in increasingly automated
environments, create problems for older workers and contribute to job
discrimination. Because of its commercial feasibility a thoroughly tested
and effective training package could help to improve job opportunities for
older workers. Age discrimination in employment creates serious problems
for the older population not only in terms of economics, but also in terms
of life adjustment and health.
Effective start/end date5/8/864/30/89


  • National Institutes of Health
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