Tele-Harm Reduction for Rapid Initiation of Antiretrovirals in People who Inject Drugs: a Randomized Controlled Trial

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Project Narrative Tele-Harm Reduction seeks to engage persons who inject drugs (PWID) into HIV care by bringing healthcare out of the traditional healthcare system and leveraging syringe services programs as trusted venues to deliver telehealth-enhanced access to antiretrovirals, medications for opioid use disorder, and hepatitis C cure. We urgently need a strong evidence base to prove that Tele-Harm Reduction can help us End the HIV Epidemic in PWID and save lives. We seek to set the foundation to build a new standard of care to treat HIV among PWID in the COVID-19 era and beyond.
Effective start/end date5/1/214/30/25


  • National Institute On Drug Abuse: $2,302,500.00


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