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The purpose of these studies is to investigate and document the 1H NMR
changes that occur after chemotherapy and hormonal therapy in animal and
human tumors, and to investigate the biologic changes that contribute to
these alterations. Based on prior NMR studies, performed by us, on both
human and animal tumor models, these NMR changes may prove to be useful in
rapidly assessing the efficacy of a particular treatment program, following
the toxicology of treatment on normal tissues, and in designing
time-sequential treatments based on the biology of NMR changes. The
studies will include work with a large tumor mass model and a
micrometactatic liver model, both of the M5076 tumor. Studies of tumor NMR
in-vivo and in-vitro will be correlated with simultaneous studies of total
water content, extracellular water, total lipids and cytokinetic
measurements. Changes occuring during tumor growth and occuring during
treatment will be analyzed, along with T1, T2 and spin density NMR changes. Sequential human in-vivo NMR studies of liver metastases, bone metastases,
with measurements of T1 and other NMR parameters, following chemotherapy
and hormonal therapy will be correlated with clinical and laboratory
evidence of changes. Appropriate animal models describing similar changes
will be used to identify the biologic reasons for the NMR changes, in
preparation for using these parameters for non-invasive monitoring of
patients and for designing treatment programs.
Effective start/end date9/30/856/30/87


  • National Institutes of Health


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