• Howell, R. Rodney (PI)
  • Morriss, Frank (PI)
  • Buescher, Stephen (PI)
  • Kohl, Steve (PI)
  • Lichtenberger, Lenard (PI)
  • Richie, Ellen S. (PI)
  • Morrow, Ardythe (PI)
  • Jiang, X.I. (PI)
  • Matson, David (PI)
  • Ruiz-Palaciois, Guillermo (PI)
  • Pickering, Larry (PI)
  • Buescher, E. Stephen (PI)
  • Cleary, Thomas (PI)
  • Newburg, David (PI)
  • Ruiz-Palacios, Guillermo (PI)

Project: Research project

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The competitive renewal of our program project grant application is
submitted by investigators who propose to continue their studies on the
unique properties of human milk. All projects address the biologic
consequence of specific milk components through protocols which utilize
tissue culture, animal models and humans. the projects generally seek
to define and characterize factors in human milk that protect newborn
infants from disease. Certain consequences of the luminal milk-
gastrointestinal tract interaction that pertain to protection of the
infant will continue to be examined. Tissue culture or animal models
will be utilized when study of human subjects is not possible, but human
infants will be studied whenever appropriate. The respective projects
and subcontracts will consider: 1) the role of soluble milk factors in
the prevention of shigellosis; 2) the anti-inflammatory characteristics
of human milk; 3) the role of the secretory immune system in rotavirus
infection; 4) isolation, characterization and testing of the protective
factor(s) in human milk against heat stable enterotoxin of E. coli; and
5) the role of human milk in the prevention of Campylobacter infection.
Effective start/end date7/1/797/31/15


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