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This application requests image-processing instrumentation to upgrade and
update a Shared Neuroscience Image-Processing Facility, serving the needs
of a group of strongly funded neuroscientist and associated research
personnel who utilize quantitative autoradiographic and non-
autoradiographic image-processing in their research. These efforts are
becoming critically compromised as a result of several factors: 1)
Obsolescence and Malfunction: Our image-processors have repeatedly broken
down: 1 or 2 units is current beyond repair; and the manufacturer has
been out of business for 8 years. Our densitometer is over 10 years old
and extraordinarily expensive to maintain. 2) Computational and
Workstation Limitations: The central processor speed of our present
system is 30-50-fold slower that current-generation workstations- a
prohibitive constraint as regards both program development and image-
analysis. For example, three-dimensional autoradiographic processing
of a single brain currently requires 3 days of CPU time. Our two current
image-processing workstations, even if both were functional, would be too
few to accommodate the increasing demands of our multiple users. The
proposed image-processing system will serve seven senior-level
independently funded investigators along with computer analysts, junior
investigators, and research associates and assistants. This group is
actively supported by 3 major NIH Program Projects/Centers in the fields
of cerebral vascular disease, neurotrauma (head injury) and spinal cord
injury; and by 5 individual R01/R03 NIII research grants (including a
Jacob Javits Investigatorship) in the areas of blood-brain barrier
function, and receptor binding and kinetics. A vigorous software-
development effort is underway to implement novel algorithms for two- and
three-dimensional image-alignment and reconstruction; double-label
autoradiographic strategies for sequential assessment of two differing
functional/metabolic states; and co-registration of replicate studies so
as to derive mean and variance images and to do arithmetic manipulations
on multiple image files.
Effective start/end date6/1/945/31/95


  • National Center for Research Resources


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