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The proposed study addresses an extremely critical area of investigation,
the psychosocial treatment of Hispanic children, a heretofore neglected
area of the study. The study proposes an experimental design to
investigate the relative impact of individual psychodynamic child therapy
(IPCT), structural family therapy (SPT) and a minimal contact control
condition (MCC) on elementary school age Hispanic children and their
families. The differential impact of these therapeutic strategies will be
assessed for 150 Hispanic children (1) who present problems in the
categories of conduct disorders and anxiety-dependency problems as measured
by Achenbach's (1966) Child Behavior Profile, and (2) who came from either
intact or single parent families. Outcome measures have been included to
provide measures of change along dimensions which are consistent with the
school of thought of each treatment condition. These ratings are derived
from assessment devises typically employed in the clinical setting by
practitioners of the respective theoretical schools. Objective-behavioral
measurement instruments have also been included for analysis. These
assessment procedures will be conducted for all subjects at the time of
admission, termination, and one year follow-up. Other outstanding features
of this proposed study are: (1) treatment conditions are faithful to
current clinical practice; and (2) highly experienced Hispanic
professionals have been identified to participate in this study.
Effective start/end date12/31/8912/31/89


  • National Institute of Mental Health


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