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This application seeks a continuation of support for a joint University of
Miami/Dade County (Florida) Public Schools bioscience outreach project.
The project proposes to maintain an ongoing contribution to the national
effort to redress the under-representation of disadvantaged students in
the science and health fields. It aims to do this by improving precollege
science education in a large school district with heavy disadvantaged
representation. The project continues to have the following broad goals:
(i) motivating students to take more science classes in high school, and
excel at them, (ii) inspiring students to consider (health) science majors
in college, and (iii) motivating them to consider postgraduate science
study and careers as bioresearch scientists. The methods chosen for
achieving these goals are based on 9 years' experience. They include an
intensive lab skills course followed by hands-on, mentored, 6-week
laboratory and related scientific experiences for 14 high school
disadvantaged students, 4 in-service science teachers, and 2 pre-service
teachers in the university medical school's basic science and clinical
departments. Students will help operate lab instruments, help conduct
experiments, and contribute otherwise to specific problem-solving research
projects. Students will be immersed in the life of the university by
living 5 days a week in dormitories for the duration of their summer
experience and by attending and participating in evening enrichment
programs that will strong emphasize social, conceptual and ethical aspects
of scientific research. In-service and pre-service teachers will likewise
join working laboratories and be supervised by mentors. They will be
expected to bring their experience back to the classroom in the form of
improved lesson plans and to enjoy a renewed excitement for science and a
better ability to inspire students to consider careers as researchers.
Teachers and students will be evaluated according to a number of criteria,
and a consolidated tracking system will be established to follow students
after their summer experience. The host university is committed to
contribute lab space, faculty time, planning and development funds and
program director salary support.
Effective start/end date9/30/943/31/01


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