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DESCRIPTION: (Applicant's Abstract) this application proposes further analyses
of data collected in the Fluorouracil Filtering Surgery Study (FFSS). The FFSS
was an NEI-sponsored, multicenter, randomized clinical trial to compare the
results of trabeculectomy with and without postoperative, subconjunctival
injections of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), in patients with poor prognoses,
specifically patients with previous cataract extraction or phakic patients with
previously failed filtering surgery. The goals of this investigation are 1) to
evaluate the risk of perioperative wound leaks (wound leaks which develop
within the first two postoperative weeks after surgery) on the success rate of
trabeculectomy; 2) to determine the preoperative, intraoperative, and
preoperative risk factors for developing perioperative wound leaks; and 3) to
document other adverse outcomes of patients with perioperative wound leaks,
such as endophthalmitis, hypotony, and the development of late-onset wound

The FFSS carefully scrutinized all conjunctival wounds with daily Seidel
testing of all patients in both treatment groups during the first two
postoperative weeks. This study thus provides a unique database to examine the
question of surgical outcome and the risk factors for perioperative bleb leaks.
Since antimetabolite use is becoming more common in glaucoma surgery, even
among patients who have had no previous ocular surgery, insight into the risks
and causes of perioperative wound leaks should be useful to guide therapy in
glaucoma patients who require trabeculectomy.
Effective start/end date8/1/997/31/00


  • National Eye Institute


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