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We propose to form the Northeastern Ohio Animal Imaging Resource Center (NOAIRC) to provide the many regional
cancer researchers with state-of-the-art small animal, molecular and cellular imaging facilities and expertise. Systems will
include a combined micro- x-ray computed tomography/SPECT system, a clinical SPECT system with pin-hole collimators,
a high resolution micro-PET system, and 7T and g.4T small animal MR imaging and spectroscopy systems. All are already
on-site or ordered from recent grant awards and institutional sources. With an SAIRP award, we will acquire a biotumines-
cence/fluorescence imaging system to facilitate reporter gene methods and new opportunities in novel agents (e.g., quan-
tum dots). We will also create small animal optical coherence tomography with color Doppler and microscopic OCT to
promote in vivo spectroscopic methods and high spatial and temporal analysis of structure and function (e.g., perfusion).
Interdisciplinary backing for this project is unprecedented with financial and other commitments from three schools of
Case Western Reserve University (Medicine, Engineering, Arts & Sciences), the University Hospitals of Cleveland, the
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the State of Ohio. In addition to core resources via nuclear imaging, MR imag-
ing and spectroscopy, bioluminescence/fluorescence, and OCT, the NOAIRC will also provide an integrated environment
with core facilities in quantitative image analysis and visualization, animal welfare/experiment preparation and novel imag-
ing agents like functionalized liposomes or CEST agents. This latter core integrates with our radionuclide imaging capabili-
ties, our ongoing biomolecular and nanoscale engineering for targeted therapeutics initiative, ongoing research in reporter
genes, and a P20 In-vivo and molecular Imaging Center planning grant to add strategic strength in molecular imaging. All
of these will be within a single facility to promote cross-collaboration and interdisciplinary research,
This proposal brings together researchers in imaging with the many regional scientists who are studying cancer biology
via small animal models and rapidly gaining an appreciation of the power of in vivo imaging. We aim to advance small
animal imaging technology by developing new image acquisition and analysis methods, new methods in reporter genes
and functionalized agents, and pharmacokinetic modeling. We will apply developments to experiments in cancer biology
and therapy. Animal welfare/preparation research will focus on analysis of physiologic effects of anesthesia and develop-
ing new formulations that maintain the physiology to be measured, while providing state-of-the-art methods for blood sam-
pling and monitoring. The NOAIRC will include a strong educational focus to create a long-range impact. It will invigorate
strong Ph.D. programs in imaging already at Case. It will strengthen educational programs for basic and clinical scientists
in cancer via integration with existing T32 and K12 grants and promote new horizons via K25 proposals. The result will be
clinicians, scientists, and engineers trained for the next generation of conventional and molecular imaging techniques.
PERFORMANCESITE(S) (organization,city,state)
1. University Hospitals of Cleveland, Department of Radiology, 11100 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44106
2. Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Medicine
3. CWRU Department of Biomedical Engineering, Wickenden Bldg, 10900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44106
4. CWRU Comprehensive Cancer Center, Wearn Bldg., 11100 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106
5. University Hospitals of Cleveland, Department of Surgery, 533 Wearn Building
6. University Hospitals of Cleveland, Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, 248 Wearn Building
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Name Organization Rolecn Project
Jeffrey L. Duerk, Ph.D. CWRU and Univ. Hosp. Cleveland (UHC), PI
Radiology, BME
David A. Wilson, Ph.D. CWRU- BME Co-investigator
Andrew Rollins, Ph.D. CWRU BME Co-investigator
Ray Muzio, Ph.D. CWRU - Radiology, BME Co-investigator
Zhenghong Lee, Ph.D. CWRU- Radiology, BME Co-investigator, Base Grant
Jinming Gao, Ph.D. CWRU- BME Co-investigator, Base Grant
Mark "Marty" Pagel, Ph.D. CWRU- BME Co-investigator
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PrincipIanlvesti.qator/ProD.iqreracmto(Lrast, first, middle): Duerk,
KEY PERSONNEL. (Continued)
Name Organization
Maryanne Fitzmaurice, MD, PhD. CWRU and Univ. Hosp. Cleveland (UHC),
Clemens Burda, Ph.D. CWRU Chemistry
Peter Faulhaber, MD Department of Radiology, University Hospi-
tals of Cleveland and CWRU
Marc Berridge, Ph.D. CWRU Chemistry
Claudia Hillenbrand, Ph.D. CWRU and Univ. Hosp. Cleveland (UHC),
Radiology, BME
Nan Kleinman, DVM CWRU-Animal Res. Center
Chris Flask, Ph.D. CWRU Radiology, Cancer Center
Jeffrey L.
Role on Project
Investigator, Radiochemist
Stan Gerson, MD
Ruth Keri, Ph.D.
Sandy Markowitz, MD, Ph.D.
Joe Nadeau, Ph.D.
Nancy Oleinick, Ph.D.
Scot Remick, MD
Bing-Cheng Wang
GQ Zhang
Gheorghe Mateescu
CWRU Hematology/Oncology
CWRU Pharmacology
CWRU Cancer Genetics and Howard
Hughes Medical Institute
CWRU Genetics
CWRU Oncology, UHC Radiation Oncology
CWRU Hematology/Oncology
CWRU Medicine, Nephrology
CWRU Electrical Engineering and Com-
puter Science
CWRU Chemistry
John Jesberger, BS CWRU and UHC Radiology
Greg Wojtkiewicz CWRU and UHC Radiology
Base Grant Recipient
Base Grant Recipient
Base Grant Recipient
Base Grant Recipient
Base Grant Recipient
Base Grant Recipient
Visiting Professor
Visiting Professor
Research Associate
Research Associate
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Principal Investi.qator/Pro.qram Director (Last, first, middle): Duerk, Jeffrey L.
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Effective start/end date9/10/078/31/10


  • National Cancer Institute: $645,635.00
  • National Cancer Institute: $633,099.00


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