• Czaja, Sara J (PI)
  • Guerrier, Jose (PI)
  • Rubert, Mark (PI)
  • Khalil, Tarek (PI)
  • Rubert, Mark P. (PI)

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It is well established that a pressing issue for the upcoming decades is
ensuring that the large population of Older Americans, is able to function
independently and maintain an acceptable quality of life. The urgency of
this concern stems from the knowledge that the population of elderly is
increasing and large numbers of older adults have difficulty completing
life activities. In response to the need to develop infrastructures which
are supportive of older adults, the University of Miami is proposing to
establish a Center on Human Factors Engineering and Aging Research. The
Center will encompass an integrated program of Human Factors and aging
research, a plan for field intervention studies to evaluate the outcomes
of the research, and a program to disseminate the information gained by
the Center to government, community and corporate agencies and older
adults. The overall goal of the Center is to develop strategies to enhance
the quality of life and productivity of aging persons. The conceptual
framework for the research program will be based on a human factors
approach to person-environment transactions which involves identifying
disparities between environment/task demands and the functional
capabilities of older adult populations. The focus of the research
project will be on practical problems encountered by older people in
various arenas such as transportation, home and work. Specifically, the
Center proposes three initial research projects, which will result in
interventions such as a home safety training program, housing design
guidelines, older driver training, and software and job design guidelines
to be field tested. Outcome measures will include improvement in the
performance of everyday activities, improvement in cognitive skills,
reduced potential for accidents and injury and thus improved ability to
live independently. The Center will have multiple performance sites and
strong links to industry, government and community agencies as well as
plans to organize workshops and other programs to disseminate the Center's
information. The proposed Center is unique in terms of its emphasis on
Human Factors Engineering, multidisciplinary team, and study populations
which draw on the multitude of elderly persons and rich ethnic diversity
of South Florida.
Effective start/end date8/15/937/31/00


  • National Institutes of Health: $325,654.00
  • National Institutes of Health: $279,453.00


  • Medicine(all)


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