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Overall ? Summary The Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Vision Research Center (MVRC) coordinates all aspects of research mission of the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and draws together all NIH-NEI funded eye and vision research investigators across the University of Miami and nearby institutions. This P30 core center grant application is specifically directed towards this group of investigators to sustain their activities, foster new and interdisciplinary research, share core resources and educational programs, promote research of early stage investigators, and provide a vibrant environment to attract new investigators. The long-term goal of this P30 proposal is to strengthen the conceptual and methodological capabilities of MVRC investigators, thus expanding and enhancing their contributions to knowledge and understanding of the eye, vision, and blinding eye diseases. The Specific aims are: 1) to promote innovative vision research with critical shared resources that enhance and expand the capabilities of individual laboratories, 2) to expand our scientific capabilities by fostering collaborative research among investigators from various disciplines and with industry, 3) to expand our vision research programs by mentoring early career investigators and attracting talented investigators. These aims will be accomplished through support for three Core Modules that are expected to be extensively used in the next grant cycle: (1) Experimental Models, (2) Biological Imaging, and (3) Multi Omics. The requested modules are configured to integrate existing resources and add overall scientific value to the vision research environment at the University of Miami by providing for critical needs of the MVRC investigators. Each module is devoted to specific activities that would be impractical or less efficient for our PIs to support in their individual laboratories. The importance of these modules to MVRC investigators is reflected in the quantity and quality of publications including numerous collaborations, NEI submissions and awards over the previous grant cycle, and recruitment of new faculty and staff. The Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and the University of Miami are strongly committed to support vision research with significant, continuous financial support to the development and operation of state-of-the art core modules.
Effective start/end date5/1/048/31/22


  • National Eye Institute: $573,183.00
  • National Eye Institute: $428,006.00


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