• Cui, Jian Guo (PI)
  • Bazan, Nicolas Guillermo (PI)
  • Inglis, Fiona (PI)
  • Canavier, Carmen Castro (PI)
  • Schrader, Laura (PI)
  • Farris, Hamilton (PI)
  • Musto, Alberto Eugenio (PI)
  • Harrison, Laura Marie (PI)
  • Hong, Song (PI)
  • Zhou, Yongdong (PI)
  • Belousov, Andrei (PI)
  • Magee, Jeffrey (PI)
  • Varoqui, Helene (PI)
  • Chen, C.H.U. (PI)
  • Erickson, Jeffrey (PI)
  • Decoster, Mark (PI)
  • Rodriguez De Turco, E. (PI)
  • Decoster, Mark A. (PI)
  • Doucet, John (PI)
  • Saunders, Royal (PI)
  • Lafleur, Gary (PI)
  • Thompson, Hilary (PI)

Project: Research project

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DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The LSU-HSC leads a partnership of four
Louisiana institutions in a COBRE on neuroscience research. The Program
Director and established scientists are mentors to selected, highly promising
junior faculty who propose four research projects that have been designed for
the common goal of mentoring to build new nationally competitive research.
The scientific focus is on a central issue of neurobiology: to understand
the cellular and molecular basis of synaptic plasticity and neuronal survival
critical to clarify the pathophysiology of neurological disorders such as:
stroke, neural trauma and neurodegenerative diseases. This multidisciplinary
program involves cellular neurophysiology, molecular biology and behavioral
neuroscience. To support the COBRE projects, core resources include
facilities for imaging , neurochemistry of lipid messengers and molecular
neurobiology. A recruitment plan for years 2 to 5 further benefits the
collaborating institutions by actively attracting new research faculty who
will work under the guidance of established neuroscientists as mentors. A
relatively small administrative core funding is requested. The specific aims
to attain these objectives are: 1) to promote faculty development through
research projects; 2) to further develop a critical mass of competitive
extramurally funded investigators by the recruitment, start up, mentoring and
retention of new faculty members; 3) to enhance the infrastructure critical
for expanding neuroscience capability in Louisiana by developing three core
research modules at LSUHSC; 4) to provide scientific and grantsmanship
mentoring and strengthen the support network that promotes interactions; and
5) to implement interim and outcome evaluations so as to keep this COBRE
program on track. This partnership rests on existing expertise and in our firm
decision to build a scientifically successful neuroscience alliance in
Louisiana. The four target faculty and the four to-be-recruited faculty are
the critical building blocks to achieve these goals. The core resources are
vital to the overall success of this consortium, not only in neuroscience but
in all the biomedical sciences. The plans for mentoring junior faculty and
the recruitment plan will ensure a steady stream of new nationally competitive
neuroscientists in Louisiana.
Effective start/end date2/23/028/31/12


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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