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DESCRIPTION: (Adapted from the applicants abstract): Massage
facilitates weight gain, state organization and cognitive performance
and reduces stress behaviors in pre-term newborn infants. In addition,
touch has been positively associated with changes in brain neuro-
chemistry and improved immune functioning. Failure-to-thrive, poor
immune functioning and developmental and cognitive deficits are
significant problems the HIV positive infant. Thus, the investigators
previous data suggest that using massage with HIV-exposed infants will
facilitate weight gain, improve developmental performance and enhance
immune functioning. Forty HIV-exposed newborns will be randomly
assigned to treatment (massage) and control groups. The same massage
procedure used in their previous studies will be used in this study:
three 15-minute periods of massage daily for a two week period. A
neurological exam will be given, and sleep/wake behaviors (including
stress behaviors such as facial grimaces, clenched fists, and yawning)
will be recorded and heart rate monitored on the first and last days of
the study to assess sleep/wake organization, activity and stress levels.
Urine will be collected on those days to assay cortisol and
catecholamine levels (stress hormone) and blood will be collected to
determine immune function.After the infant's discharge from the
hospital, the parent/guardian will be requested to provide daily 15-
minute massages. The infants will be followed in the UM Special
Immunology Clinic and will be assessed at three months of age.
Cognitive and motor development, growth measures, stress behavior and
immune functioning will be assessed at the three month visit. The HIV-
exposed pre-term infants who are massaged are expected to gain more
weight, show superior developmental performance, exhibit fewer stress
behaviors and have improved immune functioning.
Effective start/end date9/30/939/29/94


  • National Center for Research Resources


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