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Three postpartum outpatient treatment programs will be created and then
compared for their effects on a sample of 144 cocaine-exposed black
adolescent mothers and their infants. Based on a multi-level intervention
program we previously used with adolescent mothers, the cocaine using
mother-infant dyads will be randomly assigned at birth to one of three
programs: 1) a drug rehab group (level 1) that receives 20 hours/week
intensive drug rehab-for months including therapeutic and didactic drug
rehab groups, 2 hours of NA and AA,, general education classes for high
school equivalency test, vocational counseling classes, social support
groups, and parenting and relaxation therapy classes; 2) a drug rehab
daycare group (level 2) that receives the same drug rehab program plus
infant care in a new infant nursery in a daycare program directed by the
PI; and 3) a drug rehab plus infant daycare plus teacher-aide training
group (level 3) that receives the same drug rehab program and infant
daycare already discussed as well as simultaneous on-the-job
parent/teacher aide training (20 hours/week) while caring for their own
and others' infants in this infant nursery class. Cost advantages of this
model are that the drug rehab program will meet the state requirements for
financial aid and the free teacher aides will help us meet teacher child
ratios for a relatively low cost daycare program. Finally, all three
groups will receive a 6-month follow-up rehab program (7 hour /week)
including one hour each of drug rehab, NA and AA meetings,
educational/vocational, social support, parenting and relaxation therapy
classes. The groups will be evaluated at 1, 3, 6( 12, 18, 24, and 36
months. Assessments will include maternal interviews (drug use, lifestyle,
mental health), random urine drug checks, infant developmental exams
(Brazelton, Fagan, MAI Bayley, Binet) physical exams (health and growth),
neurological evaluations and mother-infant
interactions. School-age follow-up with the infants (and their mothers)
will be enabled by a school system risk registry. Group comparison,
regression and cost benefit analyses will be performed on the data.
Effective start/end date9/30/908/31/95


  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health: $636,539.00
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