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This proposal requests funds for instrumentation to facilitate improved
MR Spectroscopic Imaging (SI) and its application for in vivo
spectroscopic measurements of brain, heart and muscle, with clinical
human studies and animal models. Funds are requested for a field
gradient and shim coil set and a computer workstation for processing and
review of SI data. Studies will use SI to measure distributions of MR
observable proton and phosphorus metabolites in a variety of tissues.
This includes ongoing clinical spectroscopy studies of ischemia,
malignancy and AIDS, as well as animal studies of infarction and
malignancy. These studies are ultimately expected to improve our
understanding of disorders such as stroke, myocardial ischemia and
cancer, with improved methods of diagnosis and monitoring therapy. The requested instrumentation will be used by PHS funded research
projects for Spectroscopic Imaging studies. Projects are: i. Improved SI of proton metabolites in vivo. ii. Improved 31P SI techniques for clinical investigation of brain,
heart and liver, including quantitation methods. iii. SI of brain ischemia and infarction iv. SI of animal cancer v. NNR metabolic studies of brain ischemia and reperfusion vi.In vivo brain 31P metabolism in AIDS dementia vii. MRS studies of Deep White Matter Lesions viii. SI of Human Heart ix. SI of the Rat Gastrocnemius Muscle x. Diffusion and perfusion imaging of cerebral function in animals
Effective start/end date5/10/915/9/92


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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