Human Subjects Protections at the University of Miami

  • Altman, Norman H. (PI)

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This application from the University of Miami seeks support to enhance and expand
its activities in support of the Human Subjects Research Program. The University
has seen an increase in the volume of reports including protocols, adverse event
reports, approvals for soliciting subjects, and other required documents. It is critical
that our infrastructure be strengthened to protect human subjects involved in
research including safety, health, ethical, and moral considerations. The
enhancements will strengthen our review processes for complex scientific protocols,
broaden our educational efforts, and ensure regulatory compliance. The overall
philosophy of the University is to create an "atmosphere of compliance" in order for
all faculty, staff, administrators, and students to understand their roles and
responsibilities. The specific requests are primarily for personnel to carry out the
objectives stated in the application and the University of Miami is committed to
continue these enhancements at the end of this grant period. We look forward to this
partnership with the National Institutes of Health to enhance human subjects
research, to protect human subjects enrolled in experimental protocols, and to
promote the highest scientific quality, ethical and moral standards with the ultimate
goal of improving human health and quality of life.
Effective start/end date9/1/028/31/06


  • National Institutes of Health: $250,000.00
  • National Institutes of Health: $250,000.00


  • Medicine(all)


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