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Alzheimer's Disease (AD) remains a relentlessly progressive disorder with
therapy restricted to management of the patient, alleviation of family
distress and the treatment of comorbid psychiatric and medical disease.
Therapy at any stage of AD is aimed at achieving improvements in or
optimizing the patient's functional ability. Since the rate and type of
functional deterioration among AD patients is quite variable, the patient
and family often are unable to establish realistic expectations and can
not adequately plan for the future. Data from our laboratories indicate
that factors such as ethnicity and specific constellations of
neuropsychological deficits observed at baseline may be useful in
predicting certain patterns of functional decline longitudinally. This
is of potential importance since any method that allows for the
prediction of subsequent functional deterioration in the early stages of
AD would assist in planning effective psychosocial interventions. The
proposed study Will investigate the extent to which initial patterns of
cognitive/neuropsychological test performance among Hispanic and
Non-Hispanic Alzheimer's Disease (AD) patients can be used to predict
different patterns and rates of functional deterioration over time.
Employment of a comprehensive cognitive/neuropsychological battery, will
enable us to examine the extent to which impairment in specific
neuropsychological domains (i.e. memory, attention, language,
visuoperceptive abilities/praxis, and higher-order problem-solving
abilities) predicts observed functional competence and the course of
deterioration within different functional domains. Factors such as
comorbid medical and psychiatric disease and demographic variables as
they relate to the prediction of functional deterioration will also be
examined. A unique aspect of this study is that traditional functional
assessment instruments which yield global scores, will be supplemented by
an extensive battery of measures which provide direct assessment of a
wide array of different functional capacities within the clinical
setting. This investigation represents the first attempt to delineate
specific cognitive/neuropsychological processes and other factors which
may mediate and predict deleterious functional deterioration within both
Hispanic and Non-Hispanic populations. Further, the data obtained in the
present investigation has the potential to provide useful information
that will lead to the development of early psychosocial interventions as
well as specific approaches to management.
Effective start/end date3/1/922/28/97


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