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The investigations have as their goals: 1) To determine whether neurite
outgrowth capabilities of statoacoustic ganglion neurons occurs for only a
limited period or is present for an extended period during embryonic
development of the inner ear; 2) To define the onset and duration of
attractant fields produced by embyronic otic sensory receptors; 3) To
examine the specificity of the otic sensory epithelium attractant fields
for stimulating directed neuritic outgrowth from neurons of various
ganglia; 4) To test the specificity of statoacoustic ganglion directed
neuritic outgrowth in response to various embryonic tissues as targets. A
series of three experiments will utilize the techniques of organ culture,
embryonic microsurgery with tissue recombinations, special histology,
ultrastructure and time-lapse cinematography. These experiments are
designed to further our understanding of the cellular nature of
statoacoustic ganglion-otic sensory receptor interaction during development
of the inner ear. The information gained should test and act to further
refine the hypothesis that a mechanism for guiding neuritic elements of
statoacoustic ganglion neurons to their appropriate target tissues within
the inner ear is the establishment of attracting fields by differentiating
otic sensory epithelia to which nerve growth cones of ingrowing afferent
neurites are attracted. These studies may also advance our basic
understanding of the development of a sensory neural system and, in
particular, the factors which are operant in the orderly and appropriate
connecting of a neuron and a sensory receptor cell. There is a need for
knowledge of how sensory receptor - neuron connections are made in the
inner ear so that these findings can be possibly applied to understanding
specific disorders of the inner ear.
Effective start/end date5/1/773/31/92


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