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The principal objective of this project is to understand, at the
molecular level, two main aspects of muscle growth and
development. The first set of experiments will use gene transfer
technology to study the control of myoblast growth and
differentiation by growth factors. The genes encoding the
epidermal growth factor receptor and the basic fibroblast growth
factor will be inserted and expressed in myogenic cell lines.
These cells will then be tested to see if these genetic alterations
cause the expected or unexpected changes in the normal program
of myoblast proliferation and differentiation. Further
experiments, including a molecular genetic approach to the
isolation of the fibroblast growth factor receptor, will be done to
elucidate the mechanism of growth factor activity in a
differentiation cell system. A second set of experiments will be
done using, subtraction cDNA cloning technology, to identify and
isolate myoblast genes which are regulated during the
determination and proliferation stages of muscle development.
Genes which are expressed in response to fibroblast growth factor
stimulated proliferation will be cloned. These genes will be
characterized to identify proteins which are required during the
proliferative stage of myogenesis and to further understand the
mechanism of growth factor response. The genes which are
activated during the commitment of embryonic cells to the
myoblast lineage will also be isolated. These genes will provide
the initial characterization of the changes in genetic activity
during the period of cell fate determination and the factors
controlling this poorly understood stage of development.
Effective start/end date7/1/876/30/93


  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health: $90,757.00
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