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A group of investigators representing several departments and disciplines
at the University of Miami School of Medicine seeks funds to establish a
shared confocal laser-scanning microscope facility. This University has
many PHS-supported biomedical investigators in need of a high resolution
confocal microscope. No confocal microscope facility exists within a 300
mile radius of Miami. In this proposal five groups of major users describe how the optical
sectioning and high resolution provided by the requested confocal
microscope would benefit their NIH-supported research programs. These
programs include studies of permeation pathways through the myelin sheath,
specificity of synaptic connections, regulation of acetylcholinesterase
expression at the neuromuscular junction, interaction between immune
killer cells and their targets, and the effects of spinal cord injury on
bone growth and innervation. The descriptions of these projects include
images of relevant tissues acquired during confocal microscope
demonstrations here, showing the feasibility of the proposed projects and
the scientific advantages conferred by confocal microscopy. We document
why the requested Bio-Rad system is optimal for these projects. All the
major users' projects require the ability of the Bio-Rad system to image
simultaneously at least two dyes within the same specimen. We outline an organizational plan to ensure the efficient and skillful
operation, long-term maintenance and financial stability of the facility.
This plan also ensures that other PHS-supported investigators (nine of
whose needs for the confocal microscope are summarized in the Appendix)
will have adequate access to the facility. This revised application also addresses the concerns expressed by
reviewers of our initial application submitted in 1992.
Effective start/end date5/18/945/17/95


  • National Institutes of Health: $158,000.00


  • Medicine(all)


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