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Breast and prostate cancers are two of the three diseases recently
designated as high priority targets of the SPORE funding mechanisms. This
conference includes researchers from each of these designated SPORE
centers; along with many other current investigators, to promote maximal
interaction and exchange. This is a unique meeting dedicated to a
comparative, multidisciplinary approach in uncovering mechanisms at work
in two of the deadliest cancers of men and women. Cancers of the mammary
and prostate glands are uniquely linked in their dependence upon sex
steroid hormones for onset and malignant progression. Recent studies have
also begun to explore potential commonalities in mechanisms of familial
pre-disposition, mutations of respective sex steroid receptors, oncogenes,
and suppressor genes, mechanisms of local control by growth factors and
mechanisms of metastatic spread to distant sites. The meeting will
highlight dialogue in these areas with a goal of improved diagnosis and
movement toward new chemo-,hormonal and biological therapies of the two
diseases. Sessions will be designed to cross fertilize ideas in topics
ranging from basic cell and molecular biology to new clinical trials based
on new understanding of breast and prostate tumor biology and utilization
of new therapeutic agents.
Effective start/end date2/1/941/31/95


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