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This proposal is s request for funding of the Core Immunology
Laboratory for the NIH funded AIDS Biopsychosocial Research Center
at the University of Miami. This is s multidisciplinary research
program to investigate various populations of AIDS patients, those
at high risk for AIDS and who have already tested seropositive or
negative for antibodies to the virus considered the etiologic agent
of AIDS. Among the individual projects for the grant are several
Core Laboratories including a Core Immunology Laboratory. The
Immunology Laboratory performs tests to determine human
immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antibody for all subjects, as well as
selected immunological assay for humoral and cellular immunity
Among these tests are serum assays for immunoglobulin levels,
assays for cell marker for T lymphocytes, including
helper/suppressor lymphocyte ratios, T lymphocyte activity by
blastogenic assays, and natural killer cell activities. Soluble
mediators of cellular immunity, including interferons, interleukins
and tumor necrosis factor (TNF), are now considered important for
normal immune function and also in relation to immunoderegulation.
Also of importance in a study where effects of psychosocial
factors, such as stress, on immune function are being measured is
the determination of plasma levels of beta endorphins and cortisol.
This supplemental program for the Core Immunology Laboratory will
permit analysis of subject specimens for these important soluble
mediators of immunity, including interleukin 1, interleukin 2,
interferons (alpha/bets and gamma) and TNF as well as the plasma
levels of cortisol and beta endorphin. In addition to serum
specimens, we propose that peripheral blood lymphocytes from
subjects being examined should be assessed not only for their
ability to respond and proliferate to mitogens in vitro, but also
to project these lymphokines and mediators of immunity. The assay
for these important mediators of immunity in serum and produced by
cells of various subjects will provide an important adjunct to
understand not only the process of AIDS but also biopsychosocial
aspects which are important in progression and/or (hopefully)
regression of the disease in the populations being examined.
Effective start/end date2/1/881/31/90


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