• Nimer, Stephen D (PI)
  • Yagoda, Alan (PI)
  • Groshen, Susan (PI)
  • Young, Charles (PI)
  • Clarkson, Bayard (PI)
  • Geller, Nancy (PI)
  • Bertino, Joseph Rocco (PI)
  • Golde, David (PI)
  • Bosl, George (PI)
  • Spriggs, David (PI)

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This Program Project in Clinical Cancer Research contains three independent
but closely interactive research components, and four cores. The research
components are Developmental Therapy, Hematologic Malignancies and Solid
Tumors. The cores are administration, biostatistics, pharmacology
laboratory, and a genetics core. The long term objective of this research
program is to contribute to the development of more effective treatment for
patients with cancer. The general approach we propose to continue to use
to achieve this objective is 1) introduce new drugs and promising new
concepts into clinical studies; 2) to carry out the clinical studies with
care, compassion and precision, with active collaboration of the Center's
laboratory and biostatistical scientists in study design and evaluation.
New drugs and biologicals will be obtained from 1) the laboratories of the
Sloan-Kettering Institute and from extra-mural scientists with whom the
center has active collaboration 2) the drug development program of the
National Cancer Institute; 3) the pharmaceutical industry. With drugs
synthesized within this center, preclinical evaluation including studies of
mechanism of action, drug metabolism and preclinical toxicology will be
carried out within the center. The drugs are studied in Phase I trials intensively by the Developmental
Therapy project (project 1) with the help of the pharmacology core
laboratory. Phase II trials are carried out by the hematology and solid
tumor programs. Therapeutically active agents are entered into multidrug
combinations and multidisciplinary treatment programs. A large patient
population allows thorough testing of drugs and concepts in a variety of
hematologic and solid tumors. The program also generates useful
information on biochemical, cytokinetic and immunologic factors that have a
bearing on the course of disease and response to therapy.
Effective start/end date1/1/786/30/07


  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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