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The proposed clinical research study will investigate the effectiveness of
a newly conceptualized procedure designed to increase the engagement rate
of Hispanic drug abusing adolescents and their families into treatment.
The experimental engagement condition, Structural Systems Engagement (SSE),
based on structural systems theory, will be compared to an
Engagement-As-Usual control condition designed to parallel the engagement
activities that usually take place in out-patient centers. The relative
effectiveness of the two engagement procedures will be determined by
percentages of presenting families at the initial intake session. Process
measures as well as the analyses of individual difference variables (e.g.,
demographic characteristics) will also be used to further delineate the
relative impact of the two engagement conditions. Although the primary
focus of the study is on engagement, the effects of treatment and any
possible interaction with the particular engagement procedures used will
also be investigated. Families will be given treatment, utilizing a
structural modality developed at the Spanish Family Guidance Center--Brief
Strategic Family Therapy--which has been shown to be effective in the
treatment of drug abuse. With respect to the long term objectives in the
field of drug abuse, this study seeks to refocus the approach to drug abuse
service delivery by placing greater emphasis on engagement as an integral
part of the service delivery process.
Effective start/end date10/1/796/30/86


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