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DESCRIPTION: (Adapted from the applicant's abstract) The purpose of this
project is to continue studies on the function of the Ly-6A/E alloantigens
in the immune system at both the cellular and molecular levels in four
major areas of investigation. First, the possibility that Ly-6A/E marks a
specific lineage of T cells will be examined by experiments which
characterize the phenotype of mature T cells which develop from Ly-6A/E+
and Ly-6A/E- precursor cells and in studies which examine the function of
Ly-6A/E+ and Ly-6A/E- CD4 and CD8 mature T cells. A second group of
studies will explore the molecular basis by which an anti-Ly-6A/E mAb
blocks IL-2 production of T cell hybridomas and normal T cells stimulated
through the CD3/TcR complex. In part, these studies will focus on changes
in expression of individual CD3 components or in patterns of
phosphorylation of CD3 subunits for cells activated through Ly-6A/E. The
possibility that the Ly-6 pathway may regulate IL-2 at transcriptional or
posttranscriptional levels will also be determined. This group of
experiments will also test the basis for the apparent IL-2 independent
proliferation of alloantigen-stimulated T cells when cultured in the
presence of an anti-Ly-6A/E mAb. Third, the modulation of B cell function
will be further characterized by examining whether immunoglobulin isotype
expression is altered after stimulation of B cells through Ly-6 molecules.
Binding studies to Ly-6A/E will be performed with cells transfected with
Ly-6A/E cDNA or purified Ly-6A/E protein in attempts to identify the
physiological ligand for Ly-6A/E. These studies should extend our
knowledge of the role of Ly-6 molecules in immune responses and may be
relevant to cancer and autoimmunity since Ly-6 proteins are abnormally
expressed or regulated in these diseases.
Effective start/end date12/31/898/31/96


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