• Gilbert, John (PI)
  • Crain, Barbara (PI)
  • Breitner, John (PI)
  • Heyman, Albert (PI)
  • Roses, Allen (PI)
  • Fillenbaum, Gerda (PI)
  • Sullivan, Patrick (PI)
  • Vitek, Michael Peter (PI)
  • Siegler, Ilene (PI)
  • Nemeroff, Charles (PI)
  • Conneally, Michael (PI)
  • Robertson, David (PI)
  • Lastra, Anselmo (PI)
  • Anholt, Robert R. (PI)
  • Drayer, Burton (PI)
  • Dawson, Deborah (PI)
  • Davis, James (PI)
  • Padilla, George (PI)
  • Schiffman, Susan (PI)
  • Welsh-Bohmer, Kathleen Anne (PI)
  • Matthew, William (PI)
  • Bissette, Garth (PI)
  • Welsh, Kathleen (PI)
  • Strittmatter, Warren (PI)
  • Pericak-vance, Margaret (PI)
  • Saunders, Ann (PI)
  • Sheetz, Michael (PI)
  • Hulette, Christine (PI)
  • Gwyther, Lisa (PI)
  • Schmechel, Donald (PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


We propose to establish an Alzheimer Disease Research Center (ADRC) which
will be located in the Duke University Center for the Study of Aging and
Human Development. This ADRC project includes three modules: 1) Research
Support and Administrative Module, 2) Brain Bank and Autopsy Module, and 3)
Neuroradiology Module. Each of these modules will be closely coordinated
with four primary research projects and three pilot studies. Two other
components in the ADRC are the Research Training Program and the Community
Education Project which will expand their current teaching activities
related to Alzheimer's disease (AD) within the Aging Center. The Research Support Module will extend its ongoing recruitment of
appropriate patients and continue to carry out follow-up observations and
data bank procedures. It will also have responsibility for broadening the
field studies of familial AD and Down's Syndrome (DS) and coordinate
arrangements for obtaining routine and rapid autopsy examinations. The
Brain Bank and Autopsy Module will have a major responsibility in
diagnosing and processing brain tissues from AD, DS and control subjects
and will develop a rapid autopsy capability so that fresh brain tissues
will be available for specialized research studies as described in the
research projects. The Neuroradiology Module will carry out various
imaging studies of patients with Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia
and correlate the data with the other two modules.
Effective start/end date9/30/854/30/06


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