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Knowledge and understanding of the natural history of HIV infection in the
adolescent population are limited, and comprehensive adolescent-oriented
health care services in the US are few. Although actual AIDS cases in this
age group comprise a very small percentage of the total reported, the
impact of HIV infection during adolescence is far more serious. A national
coordinated policy regarding all facets of health care management for HIV-
infected youth needs to be established which addresses the adolescent's
developmental complexities and problematic social, economic, and legal
barriers. The proposed Adolescent medicine HIV/AIDS Research Network will
attempt to provide useful information about HIV infection and its
behavioral manifestations in adolescents who have acquired the infection
via sexual and drug taking activities. Florida,with athe third highest number of AIDS cases nationwide, has an
increased percentage of affected women and minorities, as compared to the
US population, and a higher rate of heterosexual contact as the
transmission mode. These demographic factors are characteristic of the
AIDS cases among adolescents here as well, with the spread of the disease
among adolescents in Florida being faster than the national rate also. The
unique multiethnic and multicultural composition of the Miami area already
has indicated important clinical and research information concerning HIV
infection and AIDS in children, pregnant women, and adults. Enlightening
data about affected adolescents are forthcoming. The University of Miami has responded to the high rates of HIV infection
and AIDS locally by establishing centralized, comprehensive, culturally-
sensitive health care services and research facilities, both clinical and
basic science. In conjunction with community and social service agencies,
ancillary support services have been formulated. Out of necessity,
adolescent-specific HIV/AIDS services were established in 1991 by the
Division of Adolescent Medicine of the Department of Pediatrics. The Special Adolescent Clinic (SAC) at the University of Miami/Jackson
Memorial medical Center currently provides comprehensive, culturally-
sensitive health care and support services for HIV-infected adolescents.
The expert staff is multidisciplinary, committed, and collaborative with
the other HIV/AIDS activities here. Outreach to the community and access
to the desired population add further to the existent SAC services. For
these reasons, the Division of Adolescent Medicine of the University of
miami School of Medicine would be a worthy member of the Clinical Science
Group of the proposed national Adolescent Medicine HIV/AIDS Research
Effective start/end date9/29/9411/30/01


  • National Institutes of Health: $525,289.00
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  • National Institutes of Health: $35,221.00


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