• Nimer, Stephen D (PI)
  • Cline, Martin (PI)
  • Mitsuyasu, Ronald (PI)
  • Winston, Drew (PI)
  • Gale, Robert (PI)
  • Champlin, Richard E. (PI)
  • Saxon, Andrew (PI)

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For the past thirteen years, the Transplantation Biology Unit at
UCLA has been involved in a continuing program of bone marrow
transplantation and alternative therapies in the treatment of
patients with aplastic anemia, leukemia, cancer, and
immunodeficiency diseases. Many of these patients have become
long-term survivors but considerable problems remain to be
addressed including prevention of graft rejection, graft-vs-host
disease (GVHD), delay of immune reconstitution and interstitial
pneumonia. This proposal outlines our ongoing studies in three
major program areas: (1) clinical trials; (2) the immunobiology
of bone marrow transplantation and (3) application of hematopoietic
growth Factors for transplant recipients and for treatment of
hematologic diseases. These studies include preclinical studies
in dogs and controlled clinical trials in patients with hematologic
malignancies and aplastic anemia. The objective of the proposed
project is to determine the role of bone marrow transplantation in
human disease and improve the results of its application by an in-
depth analysis of basic problems of transplantation biology in
animals and by appropriate clinical trials.
Effective start/end date7/15/8311/30/91


  • National Institutes of Health: $1,323,528.00


  • Medicine(all)


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